2017 year

MountaintrailRunning guide



I'm waiting for everyone's participation of Mountain trail running fan.




1)The 5th Mt.Ikoma trail 2017 Winter

   January 21 Saturday

   Ikoma of Osaka-fu 20 and 30km




2)The 4th  Yakushima beach and trail2017

   FEB 26 day Sunday

   Kagoshima PRE.  Yakushima 32 and 38km




3)The 6th Kobe Rokko traverse trail 2017

    Mar 11 day saturday

    Hyogo PRE. Rokko-san 40km




4)The 12th  Kyoto around trail 2017

    April 15 Saturday

   Kyoto PRE. Kyoto Higashiyama 30 km




5)The 4th Totsu-kawa trail 2017

   May 14 Sunday

   Nara PRE. Totsu-kawa 35km




6)The 4th Oku-hida trail 2017 

   June 11 Sunday

   Gifu-ken school  11 and 30km

7)The 6th world  Geopark trail 2017

   July 9 Sunday

   Hyogo PRE. Kannabe 10, 42 and 60km


8)The 6th Mt.Ikoma trail 2017 summer

   July 22 Saturday

   Osaka PRE.Ikomayama 20.30km


9)The 3rd Okuhiei Aoki Tanada trail

   July 30 Sunday

   Shiga PRE.Otsu Aoki 16.30km


10)The 5th Zao trail 2017 

     August 20 Sunday

     Miyagi PRE. Mt Zao 42km


11)The 2nd Mt. Rokko trail  Summer picnic

     August 11 Holyday 

     Hyogo PRE.  Rokko-san 5, 10 and 26km


12)The 1st Kashima-yarigatake trail  2017

     September 24 Sunday

     NaganoPRE.  Mt Kashima-yari 12 and 36km


13)The 13th time  Kyoto trail 2017

      October 14 Saturday

      Kyoto PRE. Nishiyama 32km


Details and a reception click the following, please.




The 6th Diamond Trail Run 2017

Please challenge the historic trail connecting the Nara, Osaka and Wakayama, diamond trails.
It is surely surprising if there is such a natural trail course near the city. You can have a taste of the trail run.

●November 11, 2017 (Saturday)
Start → Nikamiyama ~ Kigami Pass ← Goal 36 Km
Wave start from AM 8: 30

Competition overview
● Entry fee / 8.000 yen
● Reception / Same Day 07: 00-08: 00 (Starting Point)
● Time limit / 8 hours (with gate)
● Starting point / Kintetsu Minami Osaka line 15 minutes walk from Majusa Station Katsuragi City agriculture and forestry fishery training room parking lot
● Goal spot / Nankai Takano line Kishimagi station 2 minutes on foot Station West side Teramoto liquor store parking lot
● Aid / 4 places scheduled drinks · breads etc. Light refreshing
● Number of prospective participants / 500
● Participation qualifications / those who can participate by self-responsibility over 20 years old
● Participation Award / Memorial T-shirt
● Prize / winner · Second prize by second-prize winner (by gender)
● Awards / Certificates of awards by gender (1 to 5th place) Records for finishers
● Luggage / Only one person can keep your luggage until the goal spot

Application is → here
https://www.actrep-sports.com/ 1 Trail Run Competition List / Diamond Trail /

kyoto trail Guide
   Best course which can enjoy Hiei-zan and Ohara fully from Kyoto Higashiyama in spring. The way and viewing in Kyoto seen from Daimonjiyama are highlights.

 ● A registration fee/8000 yen
 ● A reception/the previous day's
      17:00-18:30 (schedule in Kyoto-shi)
      The day's 07:00-08:00 (start spot)
      Waving is started from AM8:30.
 ● The restriction hour/8 hours (There is a
 ● The participation expected person
       number/500 people
 ● The person who can participate by
     participation qualification/more than 20
     years old and self-responsibility
 ● Prize for participation/commemoration
 ● For a citation/a finisher, running the
      whole distance certificate
   ● A reception desk and starting/JR and
      "Yamashina" station for 10
      minutes on foot

Information on okuhida  trail 
🔵The Oku-hida trail run
 The view which are Ontake and 
    Norikura from North Alps
🔵The world GioparkRAN.
      60 km is established 
   TheIkoma trail run 
      summer meeting.
      The superb view  which
       looks down upon Osaka-heiya
 The 2nd time of July 31  Oku Hie 
       Tanada trail run
       and enjoy yourself casually.
🔵The Zao trail run
    The trail course where Tohoku-district
     is outstanding
 mt Rokko trail run Picnic summer
🔵 The Ikoma forest 
       trail run relay
       It's held. By a group, trail Please 

Trail run Running over 30 km completed experience 200 Runner  limited edition

The 2nd Kyoto 1 round trail

Grand Traverse 65km 2018


Arashiyama (Start) ~ Kiyotaki ~ Kurama ~ Hiei Mountain ~ Daimonji mountain ~ Yamashina Bishamondo (goal)

A tough Kyoto Trail rich in variety Long Torent Course of 65 km!

Start day, September 1, 2018 AM. 8:00 Start

● Tournament outline

Date and time 

      September 1, 2018 (Sat)


Reception Venue: Arashiyama Park 

       AM 6: 00-7: 30

Start AM 8:00.  Wave start

Arashiyama Park (Kameyama area)

In case

Time limit 12 hours on the way Limited           


Course · Distance Kyoto Trail (Kitayama - Higashiyama


  Arashiyama Park (Kameyama area) ~Yamashina     About 65 km

6 Aid stations scheduled About     participation

"Eligibility for qualification" Men and women aged 18 years or older, over 30 km in the past Kansai Trail Run Circuit or Japan Trail Run Circuit Congress finish tournament or trail runner finisher 30 km or more (Report the tournament name, timing, distance)

In case

"Participation fee" 10,500 yen "Number of prospective participants" 200

"Recognition / Participation Award" Presentation of certificate issuance Participation award


To sign up please click here.

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For inquiries E-mail: sports@actrep.com

FAX: 06-6441-6101

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Participation fee

Please click here to pay for participation fee.

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Deadline for application: August 1, 2018 * Deadline as soon as it becomes quorum

https://www.actrep-sports.com/ 1 Trail Run Competition List / Kyoto Girao Trail Grand Traverse /