Trail run Running over 30 km completed experience 200 Runner  limited…

The 2nd Kyoto 1 round trail
Grand Traverse 65km 2018

Arashiyama (Start) ~ Kiyotaki ~ Kurama ~ Hiei Mountain ~ Daimonji mountain ~ Yamashina Bishamondo (goal)
A tough Kyoto Trail rich in variety Long Torent Course of 65 km!

Start day, September 1, 2018 AM. 8:00 Start

● Tournament outline
【Date and time】
September 1, 2018 (Sat)
【Reception】 Venue: Arashiyama Park
AM 6: 00-7: 30
【Start】 AM 8:00. Wave start
※ Arashiyama Park (Kameyama area)
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【Time limit】 12 hours on the way Limited
【Course · Distance】 Kyoto Trail (Kitayama - Higashiyama
  Arashiyama Park (Kameyama area) ~Yamashina About 65 km
6 Aid stations scheduled About participation
"Eligibility for qualification" Men and women aged 18 years or older, over 30 km in the past Kansai Trail Run Circuit or Japan Trail Run Circuit Congress finish tournament or trail runner finisher 30 km or more (Report the tournament name, timing, distance)
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"Participation fee" 10,500 yen "Number of prospective participants" 200
"Recognition / Participation Award" Presentation of certificate issuance Participation award
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For inquiries E-mail:
FAX: 06-6441-6101
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Participation fee
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Deadline for application: August 1, 2018 * Deadline as soon as it becomes quorum 1 Trail Run Competition List / Kyoto Girao Trail Grand Traverse /