6TH MT.rokko trailrun 2017

6th time MT.Rokko trail run2017

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You give me the impression by which streets of Inland Sea of Seto and Kobe can't show that it's judged from mt.Rokko by words. The trail which is while enjoying this view makes the runner a captive in Rokko. 


A date  :Saturday, March 11.


A course  :Mt. Sumaura park   Hachibuseyama flagman,   tetsukaiyama      Takakuradai hemlock spruce Oyama.

Mt. Yokoo, Mt. Suma Arp Sue Myohoji Takatori,  Hiyodorigoe Kikusuiyama

Mt. pot lid, Otatsu temple city mosquito field Maya-san Somaya mountain pass monument stand   garden tera Sue Rokko-san top fishmonger way ROPUWEI

Arimaonsen station


Distance  :42km.


Start time  :Waving starts at 8:30.


Restriction time for 8 hours (schedule)


An admission fee of 7500 yen


A reception  Before 30 minutes when 7:00-8:00 is start time on Saturday, March 11.



Meet home page

https://www.actrep-sports.com/,(1) trail orchid meeting list/Kobe Rokko traverse trail/


Or runnet

http://runnet.jp/entry/runtes/smp/competitiondetail.do? raceId=143214